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:cinderace: Tera Switch :greninja:


The Pokémon automatically switches in and out of its base typing and its designated Tera typing at the end of each turn (think like Hunger Switch). Consequently, if the next turn passes with the Pokémon in their Tera typing, they will change into their base typing.


Clauses: Standard OMs, Sleep Clause Mod, Terastal Clause, Tera Type on Team Preview Clause
Moves: Baton Pass
Items: King's Rock
Pokémon: Annihilape, Chi-Yu, Cyclizar, Flutter Mane, Houndstone, Iron Bundle, Koraidon, Miraidon, Palafin
Abilities: Moody, Shadow Tag, Arena Trap

FAQ/Mechanics Stuff:

When does the type change happen/revert?

Pokémon start the turn in their base typing, and at the end of the turn change into their Tera typing. Consequently, if the next turn passes with the Pokémon in their Tera typing, they will change into their base typing.

E.G. Glimmora w/ Grass as its Tera-type.

Turn 1: Glimmora is a Rock/Poison-type.
Turn 2: Glimmora is now a Grass-type.
Turn 3: Glimmora is a Rock/Poison-type again.

and repeat.

Switching out preserves the type the Pokémon is currently in, similar to regular Tera.

What happens with type changing moves?

Because the type change is an end of turn effect, Soak and Magic Powder would change the Pokémon's type, then they'd immediately lose it to whatever type corresponds to what have to change into (base-type or Tera-typing). Similarly, Reflect Type copies the opposing Pokémon's current type, then gets replaced at the end of the turn. Double Shock follows a similar premise by dropping the typeless part at the end of the turn.

The type of Revelation Dance always matches the user's primary type, so it can change type as the Pokémon's own type changes during the battle.

What about Tera Blast?

Tera Blast would assume a Hunger Switch mechanic, where it is Normal-typed on turns where the Pokémon is its base typing, and whatever type its Tera-type is on turns where it should change to said type.

What about STABs?

STABs would follow a similar logic to Tera, in that Pokémon will have increased STAB output if they Tera into one of their original types, and they keep their regular STABs when they have their Tera type.

E.G. Dragapult with Ghost as its Tera-type would have a 2x bonus to its STAB and keep its 1.5x STAB bonus on Dragon moves whenever it is a mono Ghost-type (its Tera typing), and lose those bonuses when it is in its base typing.

Dragonite with Normal as its Tera-type would have regular 1.5x STAB on Normal-moves on turns where it is mono Normal-type (its Tera typing), and would always keep its regular 1.5x STAB on Dragon and Flying.

What about Libero/Protean?

Pending coding-stuff, Libero/Protean would simply have their regular effect of changing the user's type once, regardless of their current typing.

E.G. Cinderace w/ Fighting as its Tera-type.

Turn 1: Fire-type, uses Gunk Shot, turns Poison-type. Tera Switch means it's Fighting at the end of this turn.
Turn 2: is Fighting-type, Libero does nothing regardless of move clicked (because it already activated.
Turn 3: turns Poison-type.

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Tinkaton @ Leftovers
Ability: Mold Breaker
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Gigaton Hammer
- Fake Out
- Protect
- Knock Off

this sounds quite nice. uturn support will allow it to come in and tera switch into steel, giving it a base 320 power move to nuke smth. fake out to change to steel, knock to hit ghosts, protect for tera switch + lefties recovery

(3rd post, 1st from normal person :D)
Baxcalibur @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Thermal Exchange
Tera Type: Dragon
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Glaive Rush
- Protect
- Swords Dance
- Ice Shard

If it's pure power you want then this thing can deliver, after a SD this thing is killing almost anything that doesnt resist it, thermal exchange means this things isn't getting burned any time soon and protect allows it to safely get that tera dragon boost. Ice shard can also do a pretty good job at dealing with faster mons after a boost
If you need at least some aspect of your base typing in order to fulfill a specific role, then I'm afraid your Tera types will be restricted in this meta:

Spinblocker (Gholdengo) @ Air Balloon
Ability: Good as Gold
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Shadow Ball
- Make It Rain
- Nasty Plot
- Recover

Rapid Spinners going for Spinning twice in a row and succeeding the second time (if not for Tera Ghost) would be disturbing otherwise. Sadly, in order to keep blocking offensive Glimmora's Mortal Spin, you gotta go for Tera Steel instead.

:SV/Iron Treads:
Volt Switch Blocker (Iron Treads) @ Chople Berry
Ability: Quark Drive
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Earthquake
- Knock Off
- Rapid Spin
- Ice Spinner / Volt Switch / Stealth Rock

Imagine Sandy Shocks using Volt Switch twice in a row and succeeding the second time (if not for Tera Ground, which at least drops Iron Treads's weaknesses to Great Tusk's STABs) otherwise.

Sand Setter (Tyranitar) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Sand Stream
Tera Type: Steel / Ground / Rock
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Rock Blast / Crunch
- Thunder Wave / Crunch
- Rest

This Sand setter chipping itself with its own Sand would be pretty nasty if it weren't for the Tera type options it prefers.
Garganacl is going to be crazy here since it already runs protect for salt cure, so it can run a tera type to replace its bad typing and protect all turns that your rock type.
Also Lycanroc-Dusk can run tera fighting and pull off super powerful close combats.


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Tera Switch will be archived because of a lack of interest, for example it failed to receive enough nominations to move to the voting phase of OMotM every month since it got made, which is quite the accomplishment for a new format, among other issues.
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